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How can a Mentor Help?

Work with one of our experts one on one to help you achieve your goals 

  • Push your beliefs about what is possible (maybe your goal is too small?)
  • Have your learning directed
  • Be held accountable
  • Help you with contacts and resources you might need.

Our Mentors

Sunil Jaiswal

Investor & Entrepreneur

After building a multi-million pound portfolio in the UK, he realised that he could add more value to the lives of people by helping them think out of the box, giving them knowledge and confidence to make intelligent decisions.

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Jeff Hunt

Website Investor and Operator

Jeff Hunt is an internet investor, website owner and Internet marketer. Over the last 10 years, Jeff has bought and sold over 300 income producing websites.

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How does mentoring work?

You book mentoring time with your mentor.

At a minimum – you have a 10 minute accountability call once a week with your Mentor. (This is so you sweat a little holding yourself accountable).

On these calls you’ll go through the tasks from last week, and you update your mentor on your progress.

There usually isn’t any any mentoring on these calls, I’s just a chance for you to update your mentor on your progress.

However, you use the balance of the time with you mentor as you see fit. If you need 30 minutes a week… you can do that. if you need 1 hour a month, you can do that. If you need 15 minutes every 2 weeks, you can do that.

If you suddenly need an hour of brain storming… that’s possible too.

You’ll get access to your mentor’s calendar so you can book mentoring calls when you need them

We have found that you’ll need to spend some time up front working on your plan, and mindset with your mentor… and then usually it doesn’t take much time on an on-going basis.

Your mentor will set action points, and help you hold yourself accountable.

  • Set the Goal
  • Create a Plan
  • Take Action
  • Success

There’s Something Weird That Happens at That Point Where You Don’t Have to Worry About Money…

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There’s something weird that happens at that point when you don’t have to worry about money, you can worry about… it’s sort of like you put a breathe a sigh of relief and then you can either you can focus on the things you want to focus on.

I’m Kat I’ve been in Dubai for six years now, I originally came as a teacher in an American school and then I moved from being a teacher into a new field.

In the beginning I met somebody who had bought a house in Norway and then sold it a couple months later and I could not figure out why and so I’m asking more and more about why why did he buy it and then sell it a couple months later and he said for a profit, what kind of profit… and it was eighty three thousand dollars.

My salary at the time was thirty thousand, thirty-five and so that was just mind blow to know that, that sort of money he just made that in that little space and it was more than twice my salary.

I was like what am I doing with my life, I haven’t gonna be stuck here forever because I had… it was like a slap in the face when I heard this number.

Fast forward I ended up finding through this track this path a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and after reading it, I don’t know what made me look for Cash flow in Dubai but I found the Dubai Cashflow Club so I met you… Sunil Jaiswal and I said “Hey I’m Kat I want to watch your videos”, it was super awkward and I was like I’m just running out but I just wanted to say Hi.

Anyway so you sent me the videos so that I could watch them and as soon as I watched the videos I signed up for the property course and that was again another game changer and I thought I can do this.

I made my first investment in real estate in Dubai, then my capital was gone what do I do now while I wait for the returns. When we got to me I had this beautiful plan and then you said you know what I think you should do this over here you should go into property management that thing that you’re doing with your own appropriate apartment why don’t you just do that for other people.

So, at that point I thought that could work and then I was able to earn more income without more capital going out.

Having a mentor, having you there was somebody with experience having gone through business before was having done some of the mistakes and actually having an opinion rather than having me which I have no idea, no experience with marketing and anyway so it was nice to have that… that rock that’s that post in the middle of the ocean they hang on to.

So when you take on Sunil is a mentor some of the things you might be worried about might be about which path to go on I mean the financial freedom came a year and change after the after the mentoring started.

The biggest change in myself over the past year, year and a half, has been really figuring out what I’m gonna focus on and then moving everything else in the life to get aligned with that.

So taking on Sunil as a mentor is really taking on like four different people at the same time.

Somebody who’s experienced in a lots of different aspects of (I don’t want to say business) but passive income earning money because Sunil has done real estate and has done online business.

I’ve gotten financial freedom here because the income is more than my expenses but there’s something weird that happens at that point when you don’t have to worry about money… You can worry about it’s sort of like you put you breathe a sigh of relief and then you can either you can focus on the things you want to focus on.

So the biggest lesson that I learned from mentoring was to make a decision to just do something.

Kat Rich

His Advice and His Experience Really Helped Me a Lot.

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Hi guys, my name is Denis and I want to share with you my experience of having Sunil as a mentor.

Actually, I know Sunil for quite a lot of time and it wasn’t really a difficult decision for me to ask him to mentor me.

Actually, it was a great experience to work with him, It was a very productive time that we spent together and his advice and his experience really helped me a lot.

I actually felt how important it is to have somebody who takes a look at your situation, on your problem from the side.

Not just a regular person, not just your friend or your colleague who can take a look on your problem for the side but a person with a such of good experience as Sunil is really very valuable so I can definitely recommend you to take mentoring sessions with Sunil and I´m sure that will help you a lot.

Thank you.

Denis Scvortov

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